Ice2ice study featured in the guardian

A recent study co-authored by Joel B. Pedro, a postdoc with ice2ice at the Niels Bohr Institute has received quite some media attention.

The study was published in Quaternary Science Research (QSR), together with lead author Jan M. Strugnell and co-author Nerida G. Wilson and is titled “Dating Antarctic ice sheet collapse: Proposing a molecular genetic approach

The study proposes a genetic technique to resolve when the West Antarctic Ice Sheet last collapsed. Last time WAIS collapsed, a west Antarctic seaway, facilitating genetic exchange was opened. Thus by looking into the population genomic data on both sides of the basin, one can estimate when the exchange last took place. The approach is novel and serve as an independent test of ice sheet models.

Read the full article in the journal QSR, or the shorter popular version in the Guardian.