Reconstructions of climate-Work package 1

Based on Greenland ice core records and North Atlantic / Arctic marine core records we will reconstruct climatic conditions during select time slices of abrupt climate change and warmer than present climatic conditions. The focus will be on mapping out how and why sea ice changed and how the associated changes in climatic conditions forced the Greenland Ice Sheet to respond.


Ice core and marine records
-Task 1.1

Retrieve, Update and synchronize Greenland ice core records with North Atlantic to Arctic marine climate records at specific time slice intervals (Eemian, IS 9-6, Holocene Thermal Maximum, Last 200 years (instrumental period).

Spatial maps
-Task 1.2

Construct consistent spatial maps of key climate variables, including Greenland temperatures and elevation and precipitation source and sea ice cover, at the selected time slice intervals.

Inverse methods
-Task 1.3

Use inverse methods to make a physically consistent map of climate and circulation of the North Atlantic/Arctic during a chosen stadial and insterstadial state of the last glacial.