ice2ice partners

The ice2ice project brings together 4 institutions in Copenhagen, Denmark and Bergen, Norway.

The University of Bergen and NORCE Climate are both partners in the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research (BCCR) that comprises internationally renowned groups in paleoceanography, of the North Atlantic and the Nordic Seas, and the largest climate modeling group in Northern Europe, with state-of-the art Earth System models and regional and ice sheet models. BCCR has world-class competence in ocean and sea ice dynamicsCenter for Climate and Ice.

Niels Bohrs Institute (NBI) at Copenhagen University is the prime European centre for studies of the past and present dynamics of the Greenland Ice Sheet using ice core data, and has unique world class competence in the complex logistics of retrieving ice core material and developing proxy methods for reconstructing past climate from ice cores.

The Danish Climate Centre at Danish Meteorological Insititute (DMI) is the Danish Centre of excellence and a leading centre internationally for regional climate studies, regional downscaling of climate simulations with a unique expertise on the regional climates of Greenland and the Arctic. DMI also hosts leading competence on sea ice observations from remote sensing.