Dynamics and processes-Task 2.2

With the boundary conditions and timing of events mapped out in the reconstructions of climate (WP1), the objective of WP2 is to combine and understand the interplay of the components during rapid changes and to interpret this interplay using advanced models, i.e., fully coupled and uncoupled Earth System GCMs, Regional Climate Models and Ice Sheet Models.

Response of the Greenland Ice Sheet
Task 2.1

Investigate the surface mass balance and dynamical response of the Greenland Ice Sheet to past and present Arctic sea ice changes.

Dynamics of abrupt changes
-Task 2.2

Determine the dynamics behind past abrupt transitions in sea ice cover, and in particular the role of ocean stratification and mixing.

Marine interstadial 3
-Task 2.3

Multi-parameter study of key climate transitions in Marine Interstadial 3 (MIS3) using synchronized Arctic marine and ice core archives from WP1 to better isolate the key physical processes involved.