Holocene workshop in Dronningmolle

Paul Valleonga and Ray Bradley discussing Greenland temperature trends from lake sediments and ice cores.

The 3-day Ice2Ice Holocene workshop took place from the 23rd to the 25th of January in Dronningmølle, DK. 26 participants mainly from the Ice2Ice network were involved in a dynamic exchange of knowledge and ideas on the climate of the Holocene epoch as seen from different records. The format of the workshop was open and informal something that allowed for more discussions than talks and allowed the participants to present data and ideas.

Audrey Morley giving a potential explanation of the Holocene climate changes by changes in the position of the atmospheric jet, which could be driven by changes in the latitudinal temperature gradient.
The 2 invited talks from Audrey  Morley (National University of Ireland, Galway) and Camilla Andersen (Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland) initiated a fruitful exchange of ideas while talks by Martin Miles, Kerstin Perner, Vasileios Gkinis and Trond Dokken gave an overview of the data based picture of the Holocene climate as it is seen in ice and marine cores. Some of the discussions particularly focused on seemingly common climate signals around the mid Holocene and resulted in the initiation of future collaborations and projects integrating climate records focusing in that particular period. There also seems to be anticipation in the promising Bromine records that Niccolo and Paul are working on, the upcoming NEEM water isotope diffusion reconstruction by Vasileios and the planned transient Holocene run by Kerim with focus on the Scandinavian pattern. Future strategies on tephra studies have also been the subject of a discussion on Tuesday evening.
The tephra team in discussion of future strategies