Construct consistent spatial maps of key climate variables (Task 1.2)

Task 1.2: Construct consistent spatial maps of key climate variables, including Greenland temperatures and elevation and precipitation source and sea ice cover, at the selected time slice intervals.

The Greenland ice core data can inform about climatic conditions in the sub-tropical and temperate regions of the North Atlantic. Water stable isotopes captures climatic variability along the Greenland East Coast, including the influence of sea ice on local temperature conditions. Estimates of past elevation change can be made both from measurements of the total gas content. The ice core based elevation estimates will be used to constrain numerical Greenland ice sheet model based estimates of the size and shape of the Greenland ice sheet in response to past climatic conditions. Deuterium excess data can quantify climatic changes in the source areas for Greenland precipitation. We will investigate the response of the upper-water column in the Nordic Seas. Analysis of benthic and planktonic foraminifera enable reconstruction of temperature and density variations in the water column down to 2000 m. To quantify sea-ice variations in marine cores we will employ a suite of methods, including the newly developed marine biomarker proxies such as IP-25.