Holocene Workshop in Northern Sealand

January 23, 2017 – January 25, 2017 all-day

The preliminary program for the upcoming workshop on Holocene climate change organized within the framework of ice2Ice can be found here: holocene-ice2ice-workshop-2017-preliminary-program. Data-people and modellers are equally welcome.

The workshop will take place on January 23-25, 2017 in Dronningmølle at the North coast of Sjælland. 2 to 3 summerhouses is rented for the meeting, and all activities will take place at the location with the aim of enhancing interaction between the participants during the course of the whole day. We plan on short introductions to each topic, followed by discussions based on available data and model experiments, and relevant evening key-notes.

It should take approximately 2 – 2.5  hours to get there by public transport from Kastrup. We will look into the possibility of organizing bus transfer for the participant’s from/to the airport. The meeting will be planned so that it will be possible to arrive with the Monday morning early flight from Bergen, and to catch a late flight back to Bergen Wednesday evening. There will also be a possibility for checking-in on Sunday evening (22nd).

The focus of the workshop will be on understanding the Holocene linkages between ocean conditions, sea ice and land ice, with specific emphasis on:

  1. The mid to late Holocene climate transition
  2. Climate variability of the last 3 ka

We would also like to address the following questions:

  1. Why does the water isotope record from Greenland  not record any of the significant climatic signals observed in other climate archives/proxies?
  2. What are the ways to enhance the interplay between paleoclimatic research and studies focusing on the effects of climate on past civilizations?
Invited speakers:
Audrey Morley,  National University of Ireland Galway
Camilla Andersen, Geol. Surv. of Denmark and Greenland
Harvey Weiss, Yale University
The list of participants can be found here: dronningmolle_workshop_participants_dec_2016


Best wishes,

Niccolo, Vasileios, Christian and Bjørg

Contact information:

Niccolo: maffe@nbi.ku.dk

Vasileios: v.gkinis@nbi.ku.dk

Christian: Christian.dylmer@uni.no

Bjørg: bjorg.risebrobakken@uni.no

Suggested flights for people travelling from Bergen:

SAS SK2861 23. jan 17 06.00 — SAS SK2870 25 jan. 17 21.00